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Experience the Universal Benefits of Social Business

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There are many ways you can partner, support or work with Yunus Thailand and join the Social Business family. Here are just some of them…

Become a Partner...

Join Hands with Yunus Thailand

We are always looking for new partnerships and project opportunities.

As Social Business gains more and more momentum, we’re constantly discovering creative new ways in which to integrate the model across different industries….

If you think that your organization can benefit from a win-win collaboration with Yunus Thailand, reach out and get in touch.

Make a Donation...

A Charity Dollar Has One Life.
A Social Business Dollar has an Endless Life...

Financially support Yunus Thailand. We are a non-profit charitable foundation that is financially self-sustaining. We recycle our profits back into our social mission, meaning that your philanthropic support for Social Business is much more effective. Whether its $1 or $1 million, we promise to make the most of your investment in us to foster social impact in Thailand.


Lend a Hand...

Never Become So Much of An Expert That You Stop Gaining Expertise

We are always looking for additional expertise and skills to support our work. If you are a professional or retired professional looking to support social organizations, why not work with Yunus Thailand to promote Social Business, for sufficiency and sustainable development in Thailand.


Learn. Grow. Do it With Joy!

Young people are the changemakers of not just tomorrow, but also today. Join our vibrant organization on an internship and learn the skills you need to make a positive difference.

All our internships are based on the personal and professional development objectives of those that join us, and are co-created experiences that are fun as well as win-win experiences!



You’ll find that Making Money is Happiness. Making Other People Happy is Superhappiness...

If you’d like to join the superhappy team at Yunus Thailand and you are interested in a Social Business career, contact us to find out what job opportunities are available.

Contact Yunus Thailand

Just write down some details and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as we can…

Pathit Ongvasit

Manager, Programs

Pathit leads programs with Yunus Thailand and has recently been leading a community- based incubator for agri-entrepreneurs in the Southern Border Provinces, creating multiple new enterprises to tackle food security in the wake of Covid-19.

He was previously a Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Consultant at the World Bank, and has also worked at the Thailand Development Research Institute and with the Paris-based Human Development Research Initiative, focused on combatting global inequalities. Pathit has led numerous social business education programs in Thailand, collaborating with international agencies such as UNDP, large corporations such as CP Group, and community networks like the Sustainable Energy Youth Network.

Pathit is regarded as an emerging young leader within the social business movement and is a Yunus & Youth Ambassador. He completed his Master’s Degree in International Development at Sciences Po Paris and holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics from Sciences Po Paris and Columbia University, New York.