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First Academic Yunus Center

In 2009 Professor Yunus partnered with the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok to create the first Yunus Center at a university. Conceptualized as a regional hub, YCA serves primarily the AIT countries building capacity for Social Business across Asia Pacific.

Yunus Social Business Center

In 2016 the Yunus Social Business Center at Kasetsart University was opened, as a close partner of Yunus Center AIT. As a step to increase Social Business awareness and action in Thailand, YSBC Kasetsart has propagated Professor Yunus’ Social Business philosophy amongst its student population and worked with the public and private sector on Social Business initiatives.

Thailand Social Business Initiative

2016 also saw the creation of Thailand Social Business Initiative (TSBI), a partnership between the Yunus Center AIT, Thaipat Institute and Image Plus Communications. TSBI was created with the mission to propagate the Social Business concept amongst the Thai business community, to empower sustainable and equitable economic growth in Thailand.

Yunus Thailand Founded

In 2019 Professor Yunus co-founded and became Chairman of Yunus Thailand. The formation of a Thai non-profit foundation in the name of Professor Yunus coincided with approval of the new Social Enterprise Promotion Act, aimed to improve the enabling environment for Social Business nationwide. Yunus Thailand will build on its existing strong relationship with the Royal Thai Government, as well as with other key partners, to develop the Social Business ecosystem for the wellbeing of the citizens of Thailand.

Social Business Day

Yunus Thailand was officially launched at 9th Social Business Day, the world’s largest ever Social Business event with 1600 delegates from 64 Countries joining Professor Yunus in Bangkok. The event, designed to be a critical juncture for Social Business in Thailand, brought all stakeholders together from community, NGO, MSME, corporate, government and academia sectors.