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Supporting you through the Covid-19 crisis

Special Academy Series:
Creating Social Business to Respond to Covid-19

An expert webinar series for executives on how to lead with purpose through the crisis.

The first round of the Special Academy Series brings you a 90 minute, interactive webinar every week for the next 4 weeks on Creating Social Business to Respond to Covid-19. The series will bring together panelists including global Social Business experts, executives from multi-national corporations, academics, community development experts, health officials and many more.   

The 1st Webinar will be on Friday 10th April, 1pm – 2.30pm.

Special Academy Series : Introduction

Essential business knowledge, skills and tools to survive the Covid-19 economic crisis.

Micro-, small-, community- and social businesses will be hit the hardest by the crisis and have the least to fall back on. The Yunus & You Series looks to provide entrepreneurs with essential and easy to understand knowledge, skills and tools in how to predict how much cash you will need in the coming months and how to manage it, planning ahead for different situations, accessing different support available, taking advantage of new business opportunities that are emerging, and using social media for marketing.   

The 1st support video and tool will be on managing your cash through the crisis, and will be online on Sunday 12th April.

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Yunus & You Series: Introduction

Yunus Thailand Masterclass Series

Yunus Thailand & The Asian Institute of Technology brings you Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Masterclasses to build capacity for dealing with Covid-19 and beyond...

Staying at home provides both challenges and opportunities. As businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits and government agencies all face disruption to their operations, more time is available to build internal capacity and develop new skills. 

In partnership with AIT, Yunus Thailand is launching the Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Masterclass series, with 12 x 15 hour professional training courses being launched. We are working to launch those courses vital for managing through the crisis, with more to follow.

Stay tuned for the latest updates.

Pathit Ongvasit

Manager, Programs

Pathit leads programs with Yunus Thailand and has recently been leading a community- based incubator for agri-entrepreneurs in the Southern Border Provinces, creating multiple new enterprises to tackle food security in the wake of Covid-19.

He was previously a Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Consultant at the World Bank, and has also worked at the Thailand Development Research Institute and with the Paris-based Human Development Research Initiative, focused on combatting global inequalities. Pathit has led numerous social business education programs in Thailand, collaborating with international agencies such as UNDP, large corporations such as CP Group, and community networks like the Sustainable Energy Youth Network.

Pathit is regarded as an emerging young leader within the social business movement and is a Yunus & Youth Ambassador. He completed his Master’s Degree in International Development at Sciences Po Paris and holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics from Sciences Po Paris and Columbia University, New York.