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Social Business (SB) Hatch
Your Impact is Our Goal!

Why SB Hatch?

Supporting young social entrepreneurs is core to Yunus Thailand’s mission to drive the social business movement in Thailand. Today’s youth face rapidly shifting contexts and global challenges from unemployment and poverty to climate change and Covid-19. Through entrepreneurship, challenges are turned into opportunities by way of learning, adapting, and effort. Combining the power of entrepreneurship with socially-driven missions, Social Businesses can be the engine that works towards a more prosperous, inclusive, and greener future. We believe that young people can be empowered to create a world without net-carbon emissions, unemployment, and poverty.

What is SB Hatch?

Run by Yunus Thailand with support of implementation partners including SEED, SB Hatch is a 6-month social business incubation program with the goal to empower young social entrepreneurs. An innovative program designed to meet the needs of its participants, SB Hatch ensures each participant receives the tailored support they need to build their social business and achieve their impact goals. The program includes technical, skill-building, and design-thinking workshops; networking and community building sessions; SB Hatch growth sessions; mentorship and coaching; provision of project management and business development tools; and free access to a co-working space.

Incubating Change

Through working closely with each cohort of young social business entrepreneurs, Yunus Thailand supports them to make their impact. Each entrepreneur becomes role models for future entrepreneurs, and the social businesses they create lead the way in solving critical social and environmental problems. Delivering local solutions to global challenges, social businesses that are incubated through SB Hatch have the potential to grow along with their impact.

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