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Why Waste Hero

In an industrialised affluent society, plastic production has become the most important product for humanity to rely on. However, knowledge about recycling and approaches to move towards an inclusive circular economy are still lacking, causing significant economic and ecological damage.

To be the driving mechanism for social business in Thailand, Yunus Thailand is committed to support society and stakeholders to change the consumption behaviours, with the aim to improve lives through sustainable and affordable products. Through design thinking and capacity engagement approaches, we see this as a mission to create business opportunities for waste products 

What We do

We provide a free global zero waste education program with the aim to educate 1 million people by 2030 on recycling fundamentals, creating zero waste, and how to build a circular economy. 

Waste Hero consists of 19 free lesson plans and workshops for K-12 and university level students. The lessons are designed to be engaging and fun, but also action oriented for young learners to apply the principles of the circular economy in both the classroom and in their community. The purpose of the Waste Hero education program is to empower educators with guidance, resources, insights, and relevant tools to support the development of circular economy teaching and learning capacity. 

Whilst this program is primarily for educators developing new curricula, organisations, youth activists and startups who want to know more about the circular economy may also find it helpful. Waste Hero supports circular economy learning across a growing global community of schools, colleges, startups, and civil society organisations. 

The transition to a circular economy is dependent on how individuals and organisations learn to innovate and apply what they’ve learned in the real world. The education sector, from primary school to postgraduate study, plays a vital role in ensuring students of all ages are equipped with the key skills and knowledge to apply circular thinking in their communities.  

Waste Hero: Reduce to Zero invites you to explore this new and innovative free education program to motivate and inspire young learners to begin acting in building our future circular economy. 

Our impact

Engagement and education are the first steps leading to meaningful change and sustainable transformations of existing systems. The education materials we have developed through the Waste Hero – Reduce to Zero form the basis not only for learning, but also responsible action.

As global populations increasingly recognize the need to integrate circularity into our consumption patterns, production processes, and way of living as a whole,  Yunus Thailand’s aim is to support this transition through driving an informed, effective, and actionable education campaign.

Take a look at our free recycling education materials here!

Waste Hero Lesson

Explore recycling fundamentals through activity-based learning modules!

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