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In response to the Covid-19 crisis in Thailand, Yunus Thailand is launching the Corporate Action Tank Thailand (CATT) to enable cohesive action from the Thai business community, through Social Business action. Corporates are in a unique position to utilize their core competencies for the benefits of society in this time of crisis, capitalizing on big business’ economies of scale. CATT is an institutional platform that facilitates corporate action, with the expertise of Yunus Thailand available to provide technical assistance, multi-stakeholder facilitation and on-the-ground community support.

The Corporate Action Tank provides an essential cooperation mechanism for businesses to fight Covid-19, through Social Business. Yunus Thailand is the leading Social Business actor and the national touch-point for the global Social Business community, connecting Thailand with a network of 84 universities in +31 countries, Social Businesses around the world, as well as Corporate Action Tank’s in France, Brazil and India. Social Business enables corporate action in times of crisis and will also play an essential role in post-covid recovery.

Yunus Thailand is inviting businesses operating in Thailand to submit information regarding their current response to Covid-19.

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Once you have submitted information, you will hear back from the Yunus Thailand expert team shortly regarding next steps.