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The Broken System – The Chance to Build a New World

The World Order we have come to know has delivered wealth inequality and climate risks at suicidal levels. The money-centric, growth-obsessed system where blind pursuit for wealth overlooks social and environmental equity has brought us to the brink.
The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in fundamental ways. In fact, the post-COVID19 world provides us a never-again opportunity to rethink our existence as a global community. It is time to temper technological advancement with humane values and equitable wealth distribution. A world of increased social and environmental consciousness.

A New Reality of Social & Environmental Consciousness

COVID19 has shaken us all up. Can we channel this cataclysmic upheaval into creating a new world? There is no better time than this, to create a World of Three Zeroes. We can finally put poverty in museums where it belongs. We can relegate unemployment to history, with livelihoods for everyone. We can restore harmony with Mother Earth and create a green paradise with zero-net carbon emissions. We have seen how the world adapts in a global existential crisis, how it brings the best out of people. COVID19 has shown that people wish to live in a humane and caring world, driven by social consciousness rather than only money. Building a New Reality is now or never. And the first step is imagining it! Let our imagination take us to a New World. We don’t want to go back to the old world.

Presenting Social Fiction – Imagining the New World of Tomorrow

“IMAGINE” Yes, that is our challenge to you! Professor Yunus and the Social Business family call on you to energize your friends and loved ones.
Engage your networks in your community, your city, or beyond. » Ask  •  Debate  •  Reflect « We want to hear what you and your co-thinkers want the New World to look like.  So we can all together, make it a reality!

Who can participate?
: Anyone! – School children, students, workers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, academics, politicians, writers, film-makers, producers, artists,
influencers, vloggers, elderly, men, women… The more the better!

What to do? Share a Social Fiction Plan!

  • Step One: Think about the world social and environmental consciousness you want to see. Come up with a short action-
    plan, ideally focused on a specific aspect of life. Health, Food, Livelihoods, Governance, Sports, Transportation, Technology, War. Anything that helps make a socially and environmentally consciousness world.
  • Step Two: Express your plan in a creative way – art, videos, songs, paintings, drawings, letters, plays, photography.
    Anything is ok, as long as it conveys your New Reality as social fiction.

Get started!
Imagination needn’t be restricted by rules or borders. The attached info-pack is all you need. Mobilize your network. Ask friends to submit their social fiction plans. You’re the judge! Award prizes for creative, inspiring and transformative plans. Make this movement for a new reality go viral, using the shareable Facebook content. Play your part in the Yunus Centre’s global campaign for the New Reality. You may be the lucky winner of a Global Award!

Professor Yunus will lead a global webinar on the New World… Why not have your own webinar too? Engage young, old, poor, rich, CEOs, politicians, creatives, activists, journalists in this fictional discussion.
Let the world see!