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The Touchpoint for the Yunus Global Network in Thailand.

What is a Social Business?

A non-loss, non-dividend company to solve a social problem.

Created and designed to address a social problem, a Social Business serves as a sustainable solution driven by a business engine. Each Social Business is founded with a social mission in mind, whether this is to provide healthcare, housing, or financial services for the poor.

Beyond this fundamental goal of solving the problems of today, a Social Business must be a non-loss, non-dividend operation. A profitable, non-dividend business with a social mission delivering a self-scaling solution, with Social Business success bringing more social impact. Social Business brings the power to create social transformation to everyday businesses and entrepreneurs.  

Do it with Joy!

Social Business as Explained by Nobel Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus

The Business Model Spectrum Revisited

Source: Adapted from J. Kingston Venturesome, CAF Venturesome and EVPA

Sufficiency Economy Philosophy

Long before the Sustainable Development Goals, His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej endowed Thailand with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy...

A visionary approach to development, the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy has been at the heart of Thailand’s sustainable growth helping to spearhead rural development and poverty alleviation since its introduction in 1974. 

Emphasizing long-term goals over short-term maximization of profit, SEP is accessible both as a philosophy to apply in every day life, and as a guiding principle behind government policy and national development programs. 

Take a look at the diagram below to see the key components of SEP or hit the button to learn more about SEP for SDGs…


A Complimentary Approach

Bringing Together Philosophy and Methodology...

The holistic view that the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy provides us with, makes Thailand the perfect setting for Social Business.

Meeting the demand to solve the social problems of today, Sufficiency Economy and Social Business can be applied hand-in-hand to create a more inclusive and prosperous tomorrow.