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The Touchpoint for the Yunus Global Network in Thailand.

From the Top Down...

We Co-create Social Businesses with Large Corporations for Long-Term Sustainability Impact...

Building off the best practices of Grameen social businesses in Bangladesh and around the world, Yunus Thailand works with large corporations to create joint-venture, non-dividend subsidiaries to solve human problems. Our team combines corporate, entrepreneurial and community-based development experience from Thailand and internationally to co-create with corporate teams.

From the Bottom Up...

Yunus Thailand Incubates & Accelerates Social Businesses, Driving Growth in the Social Economy

By providing financing and training-mentorship support, Yunus Thailand supports social entrepreneurs in their early stage growth. We combine a broad-base of cross-sector expertise with business development experience to boost social entrepreneurs and drive bottom-up, inclusive growth in Thailand.

We also work with donors, venture philanthropists and sustainability departments to manage social business investments in Thailand.

Partnerships at the Core...

The Corporate Action Tank Thailand Fosters Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for Social Business...

Acknowledging the capacity for large businesses to deliver economies of scale, the Corporate Action Tank builds ecosystems of partners and facilitates an inclusive co-creation process, where all stakeholders participate in the design and implementation of social business initiatives. Yunus Thailand brings the Corporate Action Tank to Thailand after its successful implementation in France, India and Brazil by the Yunus Global Network.

Mindset Change...

We work to engage Thai people in Social Business, promoting a culture of Sufficiency

Inspired his Late Majesty’s Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy, Yunus Thailand promotes sufficiency virtues and knowledge that drive social business. By engaging Thai’s through events, workshops, exchanges and media, Yunus Thailand drives citizen-engagement in social business that will contribute to more sustainable consumer habits and increasing participation in Social Business and the Sufficiency Economy.

Thought Leadership for the Future...

The Yunus Social Business Academic Network in Thailand develops Social Business Education and Research

The Yunus Center at the Asian Institute of Technology and the Yunus Social Business Center at Kasetsart University are the knowledge hubs of Social Business in Thailand. Yunus Thailand operates as an umbrella organization, as a coordinating body and a driving engine for new centers nationwide. If you are a university interested in creating a Yunus Center or you are interested in Social Business research, get in touch.

Pathit Ongvasit

Manager, Programs

Pathit leads programs with Yunus Thailand and has recently been leading a community- based incubator for agri-entrepreneurs in the Southern Border Provinces, creating multiple new enterprises to tackle food security in the wake of Covid-19.

He was previously a Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Consultant at the World Bank, and has also worked at the Thailand Development Research Institute and with the Paris-based Human Development Research Initiative, focused on combatting global inequalities. Pathit has led numerous social business education programs in Thailand, collaborating with international agencies such as UNDP, large corporations such as CP Group, and community networks like the Sustainable Energy Youth Network.

Pathit is regarded as an emerging young leader within the social business movement and is a Yunus & Youth Ambassador. He completed his Master’s Degree in International Development at Sciences Po Paris and holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics from Sciences Po Paris and Columbia University, New York.