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Supporting you through the Covid-19 crisis

Yunus & You Series:
Supporting Small Business through the Crisis

Essential business knowledge, skills and tools to survive the Covid-19 economic crisis.

Micro-, small-, community- and social businesses will be hit the hardest by the crisis and have the least to fall back on. The Yunus & You Series looks to provide entrepreneurs with essential and easy to understand knowledge, skills and tools in how to predict how much cash you will need in the coming months and how to manage it, planning ahead for different situations, accessing different support available, taking advantage of new business opportunities that are emerging, and using social media for marketing.  

Yunus & You Survival Series : Episode 1 - "Cash Flow Projection"

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The first session will bring you to the understanding in cash flow for the business. Sharing with you on how to managing your cash flow, including to planning in advance through the crisis.

Stay Tuned for the next session!

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